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Monday, July 26, 2010

Is that a hamburger?

Ahhhh, I've taken a bloggy break but I'm back.  We had a couple vacations in July.  One was adult only in Exuma, Bahamas with friends (awesome!!) and then the kids and I went to San Antonio to visit family and friends for a week.  Last week I spent the week on a project (a post will follow soon, once completed).

While working away last week my daughter was in camp and my son was ever the patient helper.  One afternoon my daughter asked for a snack and said no to everything I offered.  I looked one more time and came up with something I've never tried before.  All you need is Nilla wafers and some frosting.

She looked at it and said, "Is that a hamburger?"  She took one bite and was in heaven!  Finally, something made her happy.  But, of course it was full of sugar.  She loved it and didn't even ask for seconds.  My son loved it too.

It's so simple but even the simplest of things make me happy sometimes.  Just thought I'd share a little easy snack. :)

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