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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shoot and Edit: Holiday Traditions Edited

Not only did I participate again finally but I have my photo edited a day ahead of time!  Maybe I'm getting back into the swing of things which is good considering Christmas is in a few days and there will be plenty of photo ops. I'm really behind and not sure what all I missed lately.   I wanted to brighten it up a tad since Raggedy Ann was a little dark.


Adjusted levels, Pioneer Womans' Seventies at 32% and edge burn at 16%.

If you'd like to read about the tradition behind Raggedy Ann and Andy at our home you can read my entry here from Monday.

Linking to Ashley's blog.  Check out the other Holiday Traditions!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Shoot and Edit: Holiday Traditions

Gosh, it's been months since I've participated in this.  I haven't even logged on to blogger in what seems like forever.  I can't even find the time to update our family blog.  Maybe that's because I haven't even taken many pictures this fall.  This morning I was scrolling through my newsfeed on facebook and saw Ashley's post for this week's challenge and thought, "go take a picture and do this."

We have many traditions in our family.  Some we have started with our kids and some have been passed down from generations.  This picture is an example of one passed down from generations.  My dad's parents might have started it on his side or maybe my great-grandparents...not too sure.  Anyhow, every year Raggedy Ann and Andy come out with the Christmas tree decorations and they sit on the tree.  They can move around the tree and the story is that when Santa comes they get off the tree and help him deliver the presents under the tree.  Then on Christmas morning they are on the floor, too worn out to get back on the tree.  Once a grandchild moves out on their own my grandparents send a small set of Raggedy Ann and Andy and then when I got married my dad sent us a traditional bigger set.  It's fun a little different from other traditions.

She's obviously dark so hopefully I can brighten her up a tad.

Linked to Jill's blog.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shoot and Edit - Fall

I know that fall is coming because it officially arrives the day after my daughter's birthday.  Two things I love: my sweet daughter and fall!  Thankfully the temps have finally dropped a bit around here to feel a little like fall, at least at night.  The night before my daughter's birthday we walked over to the park and took a few pictures.  The sun was starting to set behind us.  I got some neat photos with sunflare and some really cute shots of my daughter.  I'm picking two that I haven't already edited.

Check out more SOOC shots of fall here.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shoot and Edit - Back to School edited

Here are my edits for this week.  I thought about filling in the dead grass on the bottom picture like we learned earlier in the year but I forgot how to do it!  I'm running short on time or else I would have looked it up.


cropped & PW fresh color


Nice & Easy & Mud Pies

For some reason the box won't appear, so to see more edits click here.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Shoot and Edit - Back to School

This was a big year for us in terms of "Back to School".  Our daughter started kindergarten!  It's hard to believe she's growing up so fast.  She started two weeks ago and our son started pre-school on Friday.  He went to MDO last year at the same school but he's an official pre-schooler this year.  Thank goodness he walked walk right with a wave.  No tears!!  Here's a SOOC of each of them on their first day.

My daughter is on the right with two of her friends.

Our 3 year old!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shoot and Edit - Beach Edited

I didn't really know what to do when I sat down to edit this photo.  I tried to do a couple different things to it but nothing was sparking my interest.


Final #1
For this one I ran Nice & Easy and then applied a texture at maybe 25-30% and then took it off his skin.

Final #2
Then I thought I'd try a Florbella action because I wasn't loving any others I tried.  This is Angel.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Shoot and Edit - Ocean

After a taking a break for a few weeks I decided I'd try to give this a try again!  The last few weeks of summer sure got busy and my kids wanted every bit of my attention.  In fact, the last entry I did I never even edited my picture. :)  Now with my daughter in kindergarten and my son starting pre-school I have a few minutes here and there again.  I actually haven't really even picked up my camera much lately.  I did find a SOOC from our vacation back in June.  This was taken at sunset in Long Beach, CA of my son playing on the shoreline.  The evening didn't go as planned but things happen. :)  I had taken a bunch of cute pictures earlier that day on the beach but I didn't feel like I should use one because I didn't shoot in RAW until the evening.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Shoot and Edit - Sunset

I took this picture on our family vacation in June.  I attempted to take sunset pictures on the beach of the kids in their coordinating outfits.  The evening didn't go as planned.  I won't go into details but I did get a few cute pictures.

This is a SOOC shot of the marina in Long Beach, CA.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Shoot and Edit - Laughter Edited

I did a simple edit this week.


Edited with Nice and Easy and Color Me Happy

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shoot and Edit - Laughter

I was about to skip this week because I hadn't taken any pictures that captured laughter.  However, I put in my memory stick and scrolled down and discovered this picture of my daughter slip 'n sliding and low and behold she's laughing!  I actually really like this shot even though there's a shadow on her.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shoot and Edit - Summer Edited

In case anyone was wondering, it's still hot here in Texas.  Things haven't changed here.  My little one had surgery yesterday so we're taking things easy today.  He's fine but we're staying in the a/c which gives me a few minutes to edit a few pictures.

Here are my edits this week.


BJ the cow's sweaty nose edited with PW Seventies and Edge Burn


My daughter edited with Everyday Elements Florida


My son and a cow edited with Coffeeshop Golden Vintage

Monday, July 18, 2011

Shoot and Edit - Summer

It's been a while since I've participated in Shoot and Edit.  It's actually been so long since I logged into Blogger that I didn't even recognize the new format.  It's all very new and weird.  I need to figure it all out.  I just got back from a trip with my kids.  We went down to San Antonio to visit my mom and stepdad for 8 or 9 days and I snuck in a girls trip down to the coast, too.  However, I only took pictures one day when we went to their ranch!  After looking through my pictures and seeing the prompt for this week I couldn't pass up this sweet cow at the ranch.  I mean even the sweet cow is sweating profusely (check out her nose!).  It's so hot here in Texas is disgusting!  I'm so over summer.

And, because I like to post a picture of my kids.  I took these on the same day.  We stopped at a park on the way to the ranch and believe it or not it wasn't too hot to play.

My son just loved seeing the cows.  He really wanted to feed them but he didn't.  My daughter did pat one though! 

Hope you are are having a cooler summer than we are!

Happy shooting and editing. :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shoot and Edit - Bubbles

This week the theme is bubbles.  As much as I'd like to stay outside long enough to play bubbles with the kids it's too hot!  It's already 100 here.  YUCK!  I thought about trying to teach my daughter how to blow bubbles with her gum but decided she doesn't need to know that trick yet.  At least not the week of her recital!  So, I took a picture of water while they were on the slip n slide.  It's close enough to bubbles for me. :)

We leave for vacation this weekend so I won't be able to participate for a couple weeks.  I'll be busy taking lots of pictures in cooler California though!