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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shoot and Edit - Rain

Yea!  I'm finally with it this week and posting ahead of schedule!  I looked up the theme last week so I could be ready to snap away, but when I saw the theme "rain/umbrella" I was a bit discouraged.  We've been in such a dry spell here in Texas.  But, Wednesday evening the rain came.  I had no idea what to photograph though.  I walked outside and saw a potted petunia sitting on the patio under the roofline and the rain was just trickling onto it.  It looked so pretty so I snapped a few photos.  Then my two year old saw me out back so he followed me and started playing in the rain.  I took quite a few pictures of him but I couldn't get the settings right.  They're mostly blurry. :(  He had a ball though.  My daughter thought he was nuts!


My 18-200mm lens was on so I started with that but then I ran in and switched to the 50mm 1.4...

I just think the picture is funny.  He thought he'd be able to climb up the slide in the rain.  Not so much!

See you Thursday for edits!


  1. I love the light on the second shot - my kids love playing out in the rain and I've never seemed to be able to capture it with pics!

  2. i too think the lighting in the second shot is great and the slide shot precious!

  3. Great shots! I love both of the flower shots and what is it with children and going UP slides? My two year old always insists but always needs help.

  4. love the light on the second shot, and my new challenge is to capture my kids playing in the rain. Last week we enjoyed nice warm/dry weather so i had to get creative with my shots for this weeks challenge, if i can manage to capture it during this week while we are looking at rain ALL week i'll post again =0)
    nice job!

  5. Love the second shot - I think the lighting is slightly better. And the last shot is really cute.