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Monday, April 19, 2010

Painting Flower Pots

We're getting ready for Earth Day by planting flowers seeds.  First, we must decorate the plain jane terra cotta pots.  This project was quite simple and only took a couple minutes.  All you need is terra cotta pots, acrylic paints, Krylon finishing coat/sealer.

Each of my kids picked a color of paint and I squirted some onto a paper plate.  Then they rubbed each hand in the paint and then made their handprints on the pots.  On the back of each pot I painted their name and date.  We could have added more decoration but I like them nice and simple.  After the paint dried I sprayed the pots with the Krylon.  After they are finished drying for a day or two we'll plant the seeds!



  1. This is terrific! I am planning to decorate some pots with my kiddos so we can plant some milkweed to attract monarch butterflies. Thanks for the tips!

  2. This is the perfect Mother's Day gift for my mom, the gardener that has everything! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Excellent idea - agree with Jenny, perfect gift for grandma, with the handprints of her grandkids on a pot. Thanks for posting (I found your link on somewhat simple, first time visitor).

  4. Can these then be placed outside since they have the sealer on them? Looking for a Father's Day present and we have a terra cotta garden outside that this would be an amazing addition to. Thanks!