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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Painting Pumpkins

I meant to post this right after we did this craft but I forgot.  Oh, well.  This was so easy but yet so fun!  My kids loved it, especially my two year old son.  I bought a couple pie pumpkins - 2 for $4.  I gathered a few acrylic paints that I hand on hand.  None of them were Halloween colors but my kids didn't care.  I gave my daughter pink and purple and my son turquoise.  I gave them each a paint tray with a sponge brush and let them paint away.  This kept them busy out back for at least an hour.  I was loving it.  It gave my lots of practice time with my new camera lens! :)

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

After the paint dried I added a layer of Mod Podge and then my daughter added glitter to the pink and purple pumpkin but I forgot to take a picture afterwards.  

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