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Monday, March 21, 2011

Shoot and Edit - Flowers

This week's challenge is flowers.  I love taking pictures of flowers.  I took some last week while we were out of town but then yesterday we went to the Arboretum for Dallas Blooms.  My husband loves Azaleas, I love tulips and the kids love to run around so this is the perfect time to go.   I didn't really get too many close up shots but here are a few SOOC shots of flowers.

I thought this shot was neat because if you look closely you can see a little bug on the bottom right side of the tulip.

Just an overview of one part of the Arboretum and I"m not sure what kind of trees those are but every time the wind picked up it looked like it was snowing.

My kids wouldn't sit still at all for a picture but right before we were leaving he sat down next to her and they played for a second.  A sweet moment of brother sisterly love :)


  1. michelle these are all beautiful! i love when the wind blows the leaves from the white trees here too :-D

  2. Gorgeous shots! I especially love the one of the trees.

  3. Very pretty! I think I love the third one the most, though the shot of the children is just precious!

  4. Beautiful shots!
    I especially like the shot with the white trees and the tulips. Are those dogwood trees?
    Gorgeous colors!