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Monday, March 7, 2011

Shoot and Edit - Spring

I've been participating in the weekly Shoot and Edit on Jill's blog and Ashley's blog on my personal blog.  But, I've decided that I'm going to move my Shoot and Edit posts over to this blog instead.  I've really learned a lot over the course of these weekly challenges and am really enjoying it.  Photoshop Elements was so intimidating to me before but now I feel like I'm really getting the hang of it.

This week the theme is spring.  Over the weekend we had a cold front.  It was freezing at our daughter's first soccer game of the spring season!  The winds were killer.  Every spring I look forward to going to Dallas Blooms at the Arboretum but I am not getting down there until the end of next week at the earliest.  The tulips and azaleas are to die for!  However, the pear trees are so pretty all over town when in bloom for the short period so I decided to snap one.


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  1. how beautiful! LOVE the signs of spring!!!!

  2. Lovely Michelle. I really look forward to the tree blossom only we never have pear tree blossom here mostly cherry.


    from leavesnbloom photography blog

  3. These are pretty - I look forward to seeing your edits.

  4. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of your blossoms!