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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I had fun taking pictures this week for the Scavenger Hunt and editing them!  I had no idea what High Key meant.  I actually thought for a second I would take a picture of the hidden key above the door to the attic and then as I was sitting on a chair reading my google reader yesterday on my iphone I came across this lovely header titled "High Key?!" Thank goodness I clicked on that app yesterday and learned something new from Faith.  I have been so busy lately that I rarely read my blogroll but thankfully yesterday I took a moment to do that!  Not sure if my photo does High Key any justice but I gave it a shot. :)

High Key

My sweet daughter was watching TV on my bed yesterday.

 Something Tiny
I actually took this two weeks ago in Atlanta but just got to editing it.  We don't have pine cones here or at least not around my house.  Those were so cute and small.

Off in the Distance
I took my little man to the RR tracks on Friday and off he went.  I love the bridge in the background.

I don't normally take pictures of myself but wasn't coming up with anything for stripes.  I tried to take a picture of my camera strap but it was too close so I played around with taking a shot of myself.

For more interpretations head over to Ashley's blog:


  1. Love your bedroom shot!!! So pretty!!

  2. I love your bedroom shot, it's just perfect!

  3. These are nice -I especially like your bokeh and tone in something tiny.

  4. These are all great but I love love your bedroom shot!!

  5. All great shots! I really love the bedroom the dof :)

  6. Beautiful shots. That bedroom shot is just wonderful.

  7. Amazing bedroom shot, so lovely.

  8. I love your distance shot. It is beautiful!

  9. Love those feet! Bedroom and high key are my favorites.

  10. These are wonderful, I am very impressed by your High Key ( certainly not the easiest thing to acheive)Your bedroom shot is perfect as is your little pinecone, very pleased to see there was no train off in the distance!!!!!!!!!

  11. Love your Off in the Distance. (They are all great)