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Saturday, April 23, 2011

shoot and Edit - Easter Edited

This week I just did a simple edit to my picture.  I saw that Ashley was going to discuss selective color.  It's funny, back when my daughter was a baby we hired someone to take pictures of her and he used selective color on some of the pictures.  When we were at the location he mentioned it and I thought, "Oh, yeah that sounds great."  But, then I printed a few and framed one but didn't really love it.  I just thought it was trendy so I better do it while it was a fad!  A few years ago I played around with it when I was trying to teach myself Photoshop...back when I only had one child...just a girl that didn't keep my on my toes like my two year boy!! :)  Now I only have Elements and I'm really taking the time to learn everything and maybe one day I'll be allowed to upgrade to Photoshop.  I have a Mac now and Photoshop was on a PC.  I digress.  Here is my edit of my daughter's sweet Easter's shoes that she is dying to wear tomorrow!

I hope you all have a blessed Easter!


Nice & Easy, Florabella Swoon & Jane then added a texture (Not sure who it's by) removing it from legs and shoes

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  1. I really like the vintage tones of your edit. It looks nice. Have a great weekend!