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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rainbow cupcakes

Wow, these cupcakes were delicious!  They are my new favorite dessert.  I first saw them here and then got the recipe here.  I made them because we were having friends in for the weekend and I thought they'd be fun for the kids.  Not only were they fun for the kids but all the adults loved them as well.  YUM!  I don't think I've ever added sour cream to a cake mix before but it does wonders.  And homemade frosting is splendid.  I don't know why I've haven't done this before.

Ingredients for both the cupcakes and homemade frosting.

The batter.

Batter divided into five colors.

Cupcakes cooling

The beginning of the frosting.

After at least 8 minutes the most wonderful thing happens!

So yummy!

The first taste tester.  He approved!

**Things I'd do differently next time:
Add more coloring to make the batter brighter.
Strain the frosting like directions tell you too.

You can change this up with as many or few colors as you'd like.  What a cute idea for a party!

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  1. We are too funny, doing the same thing on the same day! Your right great minds do think alike! ;)I will have to try the sour cream and homemade frosting next time.